Album Review: Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough?

'Soft, and airy with soft 50's inspiration' - Epiphannie gives us her review of Lianne La Havas Debut Album

Vuitton John's Footwear Pick of the Week

The A/W 12 Blenciaga Men's Contrast Fabric Trainers.

All Roads are leading to London's Spitalfields

Africa Fashion Week, London 2012 is back and promises to be BIGGER and BETTER.

Blogger Style: Billionaire

Looking a bit blue, John.

Blogger Style: Feathered and Beaded

Someone seems to have an obsession with Feathers

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough?

With her soft 50’s inspired styling and hair reminiscent of Janelle MonĂ¡e, Lianne La Havas’ debut album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ is the newest album download to grace my ever growing iTunes account.

Quickly putting the album onto shuffle, the electric guitar precision and strong base on the title track quickly became a favourite but the light and airy tracks like ‘Au Cinema’ and ‘Elusive’ carries the feelings of a lazy, summer day. A quick switch to ‘Age’ is probably the best representation of Lianne’s style as the 50’s style track transports me back to years of listening to 50’s jazz music in the back of my dad’s car.

The standout track for me is ‘Lost & Found’. I don’t know what it is about this song but the simplicity of the backing track with the strong and clear acoustics just seems to speak quiet volumes to me.

ALBUM OUT NOW:- £10.99 for 17 tracks

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My LN-CC A/W footwear pick of the week!! The Balenciaga Men's contrast Fabric Trainer

I know, I know everybody is used to having me model what ever item I post but I chose to take a more humble simplistic approach. I will be posting Items photographed alone without me in them. I know it's unfortunate I cant grace you with my modelling skills all the time.LOL. Also I feel any item worth talking about deserves the complete focus.

From today onwards I will be posting a pick of the week which will range from sneakers to accessories that I believe deserve the number one spot for the week. This weeks item is the BLENCIAGA MEN'S CONTRAST FABRIC TRAINER hailing from Balenciaga's A/W 12 collection.

The contrasting colours are what I believe caught my eyes aswell as the panelling. It features reinforced leather panels in blue, speckled leather and light brown leather and brown suede. Balenciaga's name is on the tongue and the shoe has a rubber composite sole to serve as a comfortable base for the 100% leather shoe. I chose this shoe because of it's subtle branding, eyecatching colour and it's ability to be worn for any occasion depending on the upper attire. These shoes are available now at LN-CC.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

This is post is very out of character for my blog but I have to let all you wonderful readers in on great things when I witness them. Earlier today I was listening to the Channel Orange album and it is a mind blowing sound very chilled sound, out of this world verses and eclectic samples. Frank Ocean definitely outdid himself on this album and if you get a chance get a copy from Itunes or have a listen any chance you can. This album will be the sound track for the day while I write my next fashion post. Have a great day everybody !!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Africa Fashion Week, London 2012

The first large-scale event to showcase UK and Non-UK based seasoned and emerging designer talents like Adebayo Jones, Afro Fashion and Anita Quansah, Africa Fashion Week  is back in London after the success of its debut last year.
 Relocated to London’s Spitalfield, the two day fashion extravaganza; running on the 4rd and 4th of August is set to be bigger, better and more colourful with more designers, more exhibitions and more attendees.
 Ronke Ademiluyi, Founder and CEO of Africa Fashion Week London says:

‘We were astounded by the level of support shown to AFWL last year. This time round, we are taking things to a higher level, with a bigger venue it’s hoped the event will reach a higher magnitude.  By promoting African fashion globally we hope to integrate African countries into the fashion industry and also contribute to the reduction of poverty by developing the fashion and textile industry’.
The LSJ team are definitely going to be there on both days to cover the street style & designer fashion, art, music and food. Free, Standard and VIP Tickets are still available for the show, so don’t miss out and LSJ will see you there.

Billionaire, Millionaire, Maison Martin Margiela

I'm sure you are always faced with that decision of trying not to over dress or under dress. Well, I got the formula while working in my Lab or creativeness. This outfit comprises of 3 simple things a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some trainers to match the t-shirt slightly. An important aspect of the out fit is to have a t-shirt with an eye catching graphic that looks appealing to the eye. The shirt I chose was a Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt with a robot face graphic on the front. The jeans chosen were black to create that separation between the t-shirt and the trainers chosen which were the Maison Martin Margiela sneakers lambskin-calf split leather that inherit a similar colour way to the t-shirt to create a little uniformity so the outfit looks neat but also creating a casual aspect based on the type of garments combined together which in this case was a t-shirt, black Jeans and a pair of Margiela trainers. Also see how the bezel on my watch kind of matches the sole of my Margielas. This outfit can be worn anywhere where hard sole shoes, shirt and a tie is not required.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LN-CC x @vuittonjohn styling A/W 12 menswear. COMING SOON!!

I will be collaborating with LN-CC to provide you with the A/W12 menswear must haves and how to put them together. All items I choose and review will be available to buy at LN-CC.COM. Stay tuned for the latest in Maison Martin Margiela, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Comme Des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens and many more.

Monday, 9 July 2012

A combination of P's= Prada + Polo + suPreme

Tshirt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans - True Religion
Coin Purse - Supreme
Shoes - Red Suede Prada Trainers

This is a casual summer outfit with hues of light colours. This outfit consists of a t-shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren, slim fit blue jeans by True Religion, coin bag by Supreme and trainers by Prada. The outfit can be worn to anywhere you can casually dress. The t-shirt was chosen because white t-shirts are compulsory this summer with there ability to reflect sunlight and keep you cool. This particular Ralph Lauren t-shirt was chosen because the graphic on the front of the t-shirt matched some of the Aztec print on my supreme coin bag. The True Religion jeans were a perfect fit because they were more fitted therefore had the ability to drop correctly behind the Prada trainers tongue. The Prada trainers are red suede and match Supremes subtle red tab logo on the coin bag worn on belt loop of my True Religion jeans.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Newera's in Paris

This is Just a quick summary of a Marc Jacobs Pick up I have had for a while. It is the Marc Jacobs x New Era fitted cap, it was a very unexpected collaboration for Marc but it worked so well. The outcome was this nice cap to wear in the evening when you are chilling and it gets a little windy outdoors. The PARIS is large and makes a bold statement. I wore the fitted cap with a pair of Jordan Jumpman's with black attire for t-shirt and jeans to create a separation in the greys worn. The whole outfit is really simple and would be perfect for a standard trip to the cinema or going to the corner shop to buy some milk and bread.LOL


Is it a bird, is it a plane no it's Vuitton John.LOL. I was in the United States for a month living the life but now I'm back in London with some new looks for the summer and beyond. In the this post I will talk through my Yeezy 2 look and explain why I chose certain pieces. This look can be worn to go on a date to a trendy spot to eat or a casual bar for drinks.

In the picture I am wearing a sweater by Billionaire Boys Club, Jeans by Marc Jacobs and of course The Nike Air Yeezy 2 designed by Kanye West.

I put this get up together for a number of reasons the sweater is a dark grey and matches the grains in the reptile skin look on the side of the Yeezy sneakers. The black font on the sweater matches the main colour of the sneakers which is predominantly black. The text spelling out 'Billionaire Boys Club' on the sweater matches the situation of the shoes, as you know the resell price the Yeezy 2's cost a fortune now due to it's demand. I decided to also drop the leather look Marc Jacobs jeans on the Yeezys because the sit perfectly behind the tongue of the Yeezy's and the creases at the ends of the jeans draw attention to the footwear. The lining of the Yeezy's which is a Solar red I left not matching anything so it serves as an accent colour to pay homage to the shoes.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Epiphannie featured on WIWT

How cool is this??

My OOTD got featured on WIWT aka What I Wore Today.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Feathered & Beaded Up

Shoes ASOS, Necklace FOREVER 21, Earrings DIY, Denim Tshirt ZARA, Denim Jeans TOPSHOP
A bit surprised my OOTD came out this well, I had to battle London's Bipolar Weather to post this denim and feathers combination.

Loving denim as a season trend this summer as I can wear it from head to toe and noone would think I am being obsessive

Catch Up Session #1

Hey everyone, Long time, no update.

Been a bit hectic at LSJ at the moment; exams, jobs, certain members taking a month long trip to America *cough cough*, so I am going to use this post as a bit of an update because a lot can happen in a moment.

First up Omiri Thomas got featured on during Mens Fashion Week
I probably blew up every form of social media I own when I found out because its a big deal!!!!

I am in love with the Union Jack Vintage Suitcase he's got, so much so, I'm just waiting for him to put it down so I can steal it.

Stateside, Vuitton John being his normal jack-the-lad self managed to score himself a set of Nike Air Yeezy II trainers and a feature of Pat is Dope Blog, who was the only blogger covering the event.
Someone needs to explain to me how a guy on vacation got lucky enough to win a pair of Nike Air Yeezy trainers.