Monday, 9 July 2012

A combination of P's= Prada + Polo + suPreme

Tshirt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans - True Religion
Coin Purse - Supreme
Shoes - Red Suede Prada Trainers

This is a casual summer outfit with hues of light colours. This outfit consists of a t-shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren, slim fit blue jeans by True Religion, coin bag by Supreme and trainers by Prada. The outfit can be worn to anywhere you can casually dress. The t-shirt was chosen because white t-shirts are compulsory this summer with there ability to reflect sunlight and keep you cool. This particular Ralph Lauren t-shirt was chosen because the graphic on the front of the t-shirt matched some of the Aztec print on my supreme coin bag. The True Religion jeans were a perfect fit because they were more fitted therefore had the ability to drop correctly behind the Prada trainers tongue. The Prada trainers are red suede and match Supremes subtle red tab logo on the coin bag worn on belt loop of my True Religion jeans.


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