Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Catch Up Session #1

Hey everyone, Long time, no update.

Been a bit hectic at LSJ at the moment; exams, jobs, certain members taking a month long trip to America *cough cough*, so I am going to use this post as a bit of an update because a lot can happen in a moment.

First up Omiri Thomas got featured on during Mens Fashion Week

I probably blew up every form of social media I own when I found out because its a big deal!!!!

I am in love with the Union Jack Vintage Suitcase he's got, so much so, I'm just waiting for him to put it down so I can steal it.

Stateside, Vuitton John being his normal jack-the-lad self managed to score himself a set of Nike Air Yeezy II trainers and a feature of Pat is Dope Blog, who was the only blogger covering the event.
Someone needs to explain to me how a guy on vacation got lucky enough to win a pair of Nike Air Yeezy trainers.


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