Friday, 6 July 2012


Is it a bird, is it a plane no it's Vuitton John.LOL. I was in the United States for a month living the life but now I'm back in London with some new looks for the summer and beyond. In the this post I will talk through my Yeezy 2 look and explain why I chose certain pieces. This look can be worn to go on a date to a trendy spot to eat or a casual bar for drinks.

In the picture I am wearing a sweater by Billionaire Boys Club, Jeans by Marc Jacobs and of course The Nike Air Yeezy 2 designed by Kanye West.

I put this get up together for a number of reasons the sweater is a dark grey and matches the grains in the reptile skin look on the side of the Yeezy sneakers. The black font on the sweater matches the main colour of the sneakers which is predominantly black. The text spelling out 'Billionaire Boys Club' on the sweater matches the situation of the shoes, as you know the resell price the Yeezy 2's cost a fortune now due to it's demand. I decided to also drop the leather look Marc Jacobs jeans on the Yeezys because the sit perfectly behind the tongue of the Yeezy's and the creases at the ends of the jeans draw attention to the footwear. The lining of the Yeezy's which is a Solar red I left not matching anything so it serves as an accent colour to pay homage to the shoes.


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